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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for my order? We can accept credit cards, cash on delivery (COD), cheques, money orders and direct deposits from Australian Residents. To pay by cheque/MO or direct deposit please contact us via phone or e-mail so we can quote on postage.

Overseas residents can only pay for their orders by credit card. We can not accept international Money Orders as Australia Post will not cash them.

I see a field for "Discount Coupons" in the checkout procedure. How Do I obtain a coupon? This function will be used periodically and coupons given to members of the mailing list. Please ensure you are a member and that we have your correct current e-mail address. Coupons may include a percentage off an order, a free product or discounts off a particular range.

How much will you charge me for postage? Postage costs are charged to the customer as we occur them from the carrier. We actively aim to minimise the cost of this to you through carefully selecting the carrier and method for each order. We will gladly quote on the postage for any item - please just email with details of item and your location. Please note COD orders also incur a COD fee charged by Australia Post on top of the postage rate. Remember orders over $200 in Australia and paid for by a method other than COD are freight free.

What are the Codes?
Code 1: Original Model/Box factory finished
Code 2: Decoration/Box added by a third party but approved by factory
Code 3: Decoration/Box not applied by Factory and not approved.

Important Points regarding Model Care.

  • We recommend you remove any stickers used to hold down bonnets etc placed by the manufacturer to protect the model in shipping in case they effect the finish over time
  • We strongly suggest you do not wrap models in tissues. Tissues can often stick to paintwork and decals over time and can prove to be very difficult to remove. This is a particularly important consideration with respect to hand built models or models using water lift transfers.
  • You should pay attention to the tyres of  models stored out of their packaging, especially models stored on glass shelves. Models with softer tyres (especially hand built models) are susceptible to getting flat spots which are difficult to impossible to repair. There are purpose made products that support the models but you would probably find a piece of corrugated cardboard cut to size to rase the wheels off the ground just as good without being apparent within your display case.

How can I contact you? Phone: +61 7 3396 3674
Fax: +61 7 3393 5555
Please e-mail with any questions you would like answered here!


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